Course Registration

UA Students

Current students can register at UAOnline. Students who are unable to register at UAOnline can use the spring registration form.

Students with prerequisite restrictions or campus restrictions can contact our office for assistance. Students with financial holds must clear those with the campus financial services office prior to registration.

UAF fall and spring semester degree-seeking students must complete the following and register at UAOnline.
  • Obtain your registration form at UAOnline
  • Meet with your academic advisor for fall and spring terms
  • Turn in your registration request form
  • Once these steps are complete, register for eLearning courses at UAOnline *
*Current UA degree-seeking students who are having registration difficulties or prerequisite problems should contact their academic advisor, visit their local registrar’s office or contact the eLearning office at the address below.


Delaware, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina or Utah

Residents in these states who seek to enroll in University of Alaska (UA) online programs and/or complete an internship in their home state related to UA enrollment need to be aware of special requirements. If you are residing in one of these states and you anticipate enrolling in an academic program, entailing either on-line courses or an internship, at one of the three UA universities, you must first contact the individual listed below at the university where you plan to enroll:


Go to UAOnline to enroll in courses or use the UAF eLearning Registration form. Contact our offices for assistance.
  • If you have enrolled in a UA course within the last two years, you are able to register at UAOnline.
  • Alaska Statewide Mentor Project students should use our spring registration form..
  • UAF students can also register for eLearning courses at their local University of Alaska campus.
For more information about the UAOnline registration process, please see the Quick Guide to Registration.

High School Enrollment

High School is a great time to get started on earning college credit. We offer many courses routinely accepted for dual high school credit. If you need assistance, contact our helpful eLearning staff at the address below. star