Tuition and Fees

2015-2016 Tuition

  • $183 per credit 000-200 level course
  • $221 per credit 300-400 level course
  • $423 per credit 600 level course
  • 500 Level classes are Professional Development and vary in price

Technology Fee

  • $5 per credit up to $60 per semester

UA Network Charge

The fee is charged on a course-by-course basis, per credit hour, as follows:
  • $7 per credit for 000-200 level courses
  • $9 per credit for 300-400 level courses
  • $17 per graduate course credit (600 level)

eLearning Distance Fee

  • $25 per credit

UA Facilities Fee

  • $4 per credit

Financial Aid

Tuition waivers for UA employees and their dependents are applicable to UAF eLearning courses. Veterans’ benefits and other forms of financial aid are also often applicable to Independent Learning fees. Check with the local Financial Aid office about these policies. The University of Alaska Fairbanks participates in the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) programs; information is available from base personnel or education officers. Veterans’ educational benefits are also applicable for UAF eLearning courses. DANTES students must complete UAF enrollment forms. Be sure to read the UAF eLearning and Distance Education policies for Transfers, Withdrawals, and Refunds.


For other questions about fees, please contact us at 907.455.2060.